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Custom Jewelry Care Basics (wood, metal, resin, stone, Fordite)

​ The patinas or sealants that I apply to your rings will last a very long time if you follow a few simple precautionary steps.  I wear a ring that I made every day and I loosely follow these steps with great success. Please read below and feel free to ask me questions about this prior to your purchases. If your ring has a "slate" or "blackened" patina or contains copper I will seal the piece to preserve the patina color or to put a hypoallergenic barrier between your skin and the band to minimize copper induced finger discoloration.


  1. Never use chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics and Hand Sanitizer.

  2. Never use a buffing wheel or polishing cloth on your sealed rings. This could cause a friction and mar the sealant. However, a non-sealed silver, copper, or steel ring, that is simply polished can be buffed at any time using a proper jewelry cloth.

  3. Do not put your jewelry on until AFTER you have dressed and applied any cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, lotions and other chemicals. These can dull and even harm your jewelry.

  4. Do not sleep with your jewelry on.

  5. Remove jewelry before doing household chores, especially when washing dishes. Remember, many household cleaners contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that are harmful to jewelry.

  6. Do not wear your jewelry swimming or in the shower. Avoid wearing it around chlorinated pools and hot tubs, salt water, mineral springs, and suntan lotion.

  7. Keep your jewelry pieces separated to avoid scratching.

  8. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on rings with inlay material.

  9. LAST BUT NOT LEAST - I will do my best to refinish pieces that you may have inadvertently scratched. Additionally, I will provide this service free of charge with the exception of shipping both ways.


      Silver Coin Ring Jewelry

The first important way to keep jewelry from tarnishing is to keep it clean. If you put it away tarnished, the tarnish will worsen during storage. Avoid abrasive polishes, dips or scrubbing tools. And remember, dips and commercial jewelry cleaning products will remove the antique patina and any oxidized detailing on silver, gold and copper.

On polished, non-patina rings for minor cleaning, use a soft silver polishing cloth. If you are unsure, please email me and ask how your ring was finished.

A diluted solution of mild dish liquid and water can be used to clean your silver jewelry. Be sure that you dry it thoroughly removing all traces of moisture before putting it away. Do not dry sterling silver with paper towels or tissues because they can scratch the silver. Always use a soft cloth.

       Copper Jewelry

Unsealed, non-patina copper tarnishes over time just like silver. If you like the antique patina, you can just keep it clean by wiping it with a soft cloth. Remember, dips and commercial jewelry cleaning products will remove the antique patina and any oxidized detailing on silver, gold and copper.

Sealed copper rings should never be buffed or polished using a cloth. Please contact me for assistance and retouching. Should your patina eventually wear off I can reapply it for you free of charge! All you have to do is pay for shipping of the piece (both ways).

Resin / Inlay Care

Absolutely NO HOT TUB or SWIMMING while wearing your jewelry.

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